Clean Cuts and More uses quality products designed specifically for the St. Louis area.

Turf Mowing, Trimming and Blowing

Turf is cut at a standard height of 3" and is performed weekly in order to remove 1/3 of the grass blade or less per mowing. To optimize the health and appearance of your lawn, experts agree that increased mowing frequency during periods of accelerated turf growth will reduce grass plant injury and minimize excessive clippings. Additional spring mowing can be scheduled by calling our office.

Mower blades on all equipment are sharpened daily to prevent tearing of grass blades and result in a professionally manicured turf. All areas of grass adjacent to buildings, sidewalks, stairways, driveways, trees, bushes and other stationary objects are trimmed and grass clippings and debris are blown from all hard surfaces.

Fall Leaf Removal and Spring Clean-up

Clean Cuts and More has provided leaf removal service to many homeowners and businesses for more than 15 years. Experienced personnel utilizing professional equipment allows large quantities of leaves to be moved efficiently. Turf areas and ornamental beds are cleaned with commercial blowers, backpack blowers and hand rakes as needed. Weather permitting, leaf removal service is performed the week prior to the scheduled local municipality curbside leaf pick up (for municipalities that offer curbside vacuuming). Fall leaf removal is generally provided twice, unless weather condition or client dictates otherwise.

Curbside Leaf Vacuum:

Our curbside leaf pick-up is accomplished efficiently by using commercial leaf vacuums with large diameter suction hoses. Leaves are pulverized, deposited into specially equipped trucks and hauled away. There is an additional disposal/dump charge for this service.

Early and Mid Spring – Mid February to Early May

  • Pre-emergent Crabgrass Control – Controls early germinating Crabgrass seeds.
  • Balanced Granular Fertilizer – Provides early green up and stimulates root development.
  • Broadleaf Weed Control – Controls existing broadleaf weeds.

Summer – Early May to Mid July

  • Balanced Granular Fertilizer (Summer Rate) – Slow release fertilizer with micro nutrients to maintain healthy turf through summer.
  • Broadleaf Weed Control – Controls existing broadleaf weeds. Used only where needed.

Early and Late Fall – Mid August to Mid October

  • Balanced Granular Fertilizer – Maintains proper growth of turf. This is the best time of the season to feed the lawn.
  • Broadleaf Weed Control – Controls existing broadleaf weeds. Used only where needed.
  • Inspect lawn for Grub Activity and apply Grub control if needed (additional cost).

Winterizer – Mid October to December

  • Balanced Granular Fertilizer – Higher nitrogen soluble fertilizer. Increases carbohydrate level in turf to prepare for winter months and early spring green-up.

A total of four (4) applications are included in the Standard Program. Six (6) applications can be applied upon customer’s request. For problem areas, soil samples are collected and sent to the University of Missouri Agriculture School for evaluation so the perfect nutrient remedy can be applied.

Ornamental Garden Design

We can also help with all of your ornamental bed designs to create the perfect look you are wanting. Whether you desire a variety of shrubs and flowers or beds that specialize in your favorite specimen plants, we can help. Some of the services we utilize during our Ornamental Garden Designs include:

  • Traditional gardens
  • Native gardens
  • Hummingbird and butterfly gardens
  • Cutting beds
  • Herb garden
  • Rose gardens
  • Rain gardens
  • Raised beds
  • Perennial gardens
  • Vegetable gardens
  • Shade gardens
  • Cottage gardens
  • Patio container gardens
  • Hedge rows

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